Esports Underground + FACEIT

In collaboration with FACEIT, ESU is proud to announce our Knockdown series: a weekly competition with 25,000 FACEIT points up for grabs. Knockdown will run for a 4 week period as we trial FACEIT's new system - we look forward to working with FACEIT in order to bring you guys much more content!

The first 32 teams to sign up will play it out on Erangel and Miramar, with the top 8 from each lobby advancing through into the finals. 5 games will be played for each stage.


North America:




Perspective - FPP
Map - Erangel
Region - NA / EU / OCE
Red zones: OFF
Weather: Sunny
Public Spectating: OFF
Killer Spectating: OFF


Map based settings: Erangel
ARs Multiplier: 1.5x
Snipers Multiplier: 1.3x
Hunting Rifles Multiplier: 1x
DMRs Multiplier: 1.3x
SMGs Multiplier: 1x
LMG Multiplier: 1x
Throwables Multiplier: 1x
Flaregun: 0x
Scopes Multiplier: 1x
Attachments: 1x
Medicals Multiplier: 1x
Bags lvl1,lvl2,lvl3 Multiplier: 1x
Helmet lvl1,lvl2 Multiplier: 1x
Helmet lvl3 Multiplier: 0x
Armor lvl1,lvl2,lvl3 Multiplier: 1x
Ammo multiplier: 1x
Cosmetic Multiplier: 0x
Vehicles Multiplier: 1x


Land Ratio
Phase 1
90300300 0.4 0.350.50
Phase 20
140 1400.6
Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase 5
Phase 6
Phase 7
Phase 8
Phase 9



Hey guys, we are excited to announce we have teamed up with to bring you guys some unique & rewarding ways to compete.

Firstblood’s new app lets you play PUBG like you always have, but compete and earn like never before. FirstBlood hosts competitive events daily, with chances to win prizes like Steam giftcards, gaming peripherals, qualification to other events, and cold hard cash. This month’s giveaway is an EVGA GeForce GTX 1080ti.

Through their new app, FirstBlood Royale, players can qualify for FirstBlood’s weekly $400 Survival Sunday tournament.

In partnership with eSports Underground, FirstBlood will now also be giving a qualification slot for their Survival Sunday to one team from ESU’s weekly scrims.

eSports Undergrounds daily scrims will now give players extra incentive to earn that spot into this awesome tournament for a chance to win prizes. One team will be chosen weekly (based on scores over the week) to compete in the Survival Sunday! We are also giving one team entry into the Legends Series Closed Qualifier based on Survival Sunday scores over the month!

We are super excited to team up with as we continue to find ways to give back to our communities! Check out the Links here





ESU Legends & Challenger HUB

Hey Legends,

Today we are happy to release all the important information for our upcoming Legends & Challengers Series! We also happy to announce our Version 2 update being released July 28th for all to see!

The Legends Series is a monthly Premium Access tournament consisting of three stages: Open Qualifier, Closed Qualifier and Finals. To gain access into this series, teams must purchase a subscription from the eSports Underground website, cost of the subscription is $9.99 USD per player. The Prize Pool of the Legends Series is US$6,000 split between our three regions (US$2,000 each for NA / EU / OCE). Sign-ups begin on the 28th of July!

All players who purchase premium will be provided access to our Premium PUGs for PUBG. Premium PUGs offers an alternative to public games that will track your stats, randomised matchmaking for solo players (team matchmaking also available), and ensures a quality experience with competitive players. A detailed explanation of our PUG system will be released in another post

The Challenger Series is a FREE TO PLAY monthly series being played out similar to last season, schedule and rounds are detailed below. Winners of the Challengers Series will receive one month free of Premium access.

Without further adieu, below are the details:

Legends Series Format

Legends - 18 teams per lobby
Open Qualifier: Best of 10 over 2 Days
Closed Qualifier: Best of 10 over 2 Days
Finals: Best of 10 over 2 Days

Format Bracket Image >

There are 72 team slots in the Open qualifier, 54 teams in Closed, 18 in the Finals. 18 teams will be instant invites to the Closed qualifier, these are the teams that succeeded in our previous relegations and the top 10 teams from phase 2 from last season. This format is based on a 72 team sign up schedule, in the event or more or less teams joining the tournament, lobbies and qualifying numbers will be adjusted accordingly. 

Challenger - 18 Teams
Weekly Best of 4, winners are based on total score over the month period.

Schedule - Legends & Challenger Series 1

North America
Legend Series Open: August 4 & 5th - 7pm EST
Legend Series Closed: August 14th & 16th - 7pm EST
Legend Series Finals: August 18 & 19th - 7pm EST
Challenger Week 1: August 7th - 7pm EST
Challenger Week 2: August 14th - 7pm EST
Challenger Week 3: August 21st - 7pm EST
Challenger Week 4: August 28th - 7pm EST

Legend Series Open: August 4 & 5th - 7pm CEST
Legend Series Closed: August 14th & 16th - 7pm CEST
Legend Series Finals: August 18 & 19th - 7pm CEST
Challenger Week 1: August 7th - 7pm CEST
Challenger Week 2: August 14th - 7pm CEST
Challenger Week 3: August 21st - 7pm CEST
Challenger Week 4: August 28th - 7pm CEST

Legend Series Open: August 6 & 7th - 7pm AEST
Legend Series Closed: August 13 & 17th - 7pm AEST
Legend Series Finals: August 19th & 20th & 27th - 7pm AEST
Challenger Week 1: August 10th - 7pm AEST
Challenger Week 2: August 17th - 7pm AEST
Challenger Week 3: August 24th - 7pm AEST
Challenger Week 4: August 31st - 7pm AEST

All Dates & Times are subject to change, for up-to-date changes stay tuned on Twitter/ Discord.

Each team will receive the following points for placement, and 7 points per kill.

Place | Points
1st - 200pts | 2nd - 150pts | 3rd - 125pts |
4th - 100pts | 5th - 90pts | 6th - 80pts |
 7th - 70pts | 8th - 60pts | 9th - 50pts |
 10th - 40pts | 11th - 30pts | 12th - 20pts |
 13th - 10pts |14th - 10pts | 15th - 5pts |
 16th - 5pts | 17th - 0pts | 18th - 0pts.

Website Info, Sneak Peek & Launch Date

July 28th - LAUNCH DATE

Features being released
  • Premium Subscriptions
  • Minimalistic Design
  • Server Notifications
  • Added Competitive Titles
  • Increased user flow of information
  • Quick Help Links
  • Upgraded Performance
  • Improved Security
  • Profile Photos and Banners

Thanks for reading, more rules and regulations to be released soon. If you have any further questions, please contact us here, or visit our discord and message any admin. 

ESU Legends & Challenger Series


We are excited to announce the next format eSports Underground will be bringing you for seasons to come!

Introducing the new Legends Series & Challenger Series!

That’s right, we are bringing you guys monthly prize pools and the biggest website update to date!

The $6000 Legend Series is a monthly event available to premium users to compete in a three staged event consisting of an Open Qualifier, Closed qualifier and Final Series! This monthly event requires all players to be subscribed to premium access of our updated website coming August 4th! The $6000 prize pool will be split evenly between the NA, EU & OCE regions. This website update is a combination our 8+ months of PUBG dedicated development and constant feedback from you! Over the next few weeks we will be releasing more information on the newest version of the ESU website!

The Challenger Series is a FREE TO PLAY monthly season allowing teams to compete for premium access into later months of Legends Series! All you have to do is sign up and compete each week to earn those TOP 3 spots on the leaderboards!

How will current Relegations work? Good Question!

All teams in our Invite Division after relegations have finished will earn their spot straight into the first Legend Series closed qualifiers! Dates of relegations and teams participating will be released soon!

Rules, Scoring, Settings, Terms & Conditions, Full Schedules and Website Information will be released in due course! This post raises more questions than answers, so please sit tight, more info will be released over the next few weeks. We will do our best to answer all of you, contact any admins or mods in Discord or email for help!

Thanks for reading!


A Few Updates!

Hey PUBGerz!

I have some juicy news to share with all of you, so lets get started.

First off we now have more resources to host more OPEN lobbies for our EU and NA divisions. That means we can host more then 1 lobby per event day now. After we see 16+ teams registered we will start adding teams from the reserve list. We can also allow for more observers to cast our games. This means we may have guests coming in to cast your game so stay tuned for more info about this.

Second, our Discord server has gone through a overhaul. If you check that out you will notice you need to set your region, apply for discord role access, and all support for each game can be found there. This is so you as a player can be informed about what is going on for your specific event, and not be bothered by other regions events that are going on. (Annoying discord pings)

Third, for the last few weeks you may have noticed using our website ready up and server details functionality. This feature should be working 99% on all browsers by the end of this month, and will be used for all future events. (This functionality also includes the "Live Updates" section on each tournament event page so spectators can follow along)

Fourth, Invite divisions for both NA and EU have rescheduled to a new day and time each week to accommodate players and our feedback system. You can find each schedule below so keep up to date!

NA Schedule:
EU Schedule:

If you notice any bugs please message me or Ares on discord and happy gaming!