4 months ago Posted by: blak1n

Hey guys, we are excited to announce we have teamed up with to bring you guys some unique & rewarding ways to compete.

Firstblood’s new app lets you play PUBG like you always have, but compete and earn like never before. FirstBlood hosts competitive events daily, with chances to win prizes like Steam giftcards, gaming peripherals, qualification to other events, and cold hard cash. This month’s giveaway is an EVGA GeForce GTX 1080ti.

Through their new app, FirstBlood Royale, players can qualify for FirstBlood’s weekly $400 Survival Sunday tournament.

In partnership with eSports Underground, FirstBlood will now also be giving a qualification slot for their Survival Sunday to one team from ESU’s weekly scrims.

eSports Undergrounds daily scrims will now give players extra incentive to earn that spot into this awesome tournament for a chance to win prizes. One team will be chosen weekly (based on scores over the week) to compete in the Survival Sunday! We are also giving one team entry into the Legends Series Closed Qualifier based on Survival Sunday scores over the month!

We are super excited to team up with as we continue to find ways to give back to our communities! Check out the Links here